Strachwitz participates in foundations roundtable at the ISTR conference

27.07.2022 | Rupert Graf Strachwitz gave his views on foundations at this year’s ISTR conference in Montreal, Canada

>> Read the event report in full in Alliance magazine

Earlier this month, the Maecenata Institute’s Rupert Graf Strachwitz and Siri Hummel attended the ISTR conference, a yearly event that promotes research on civil society, philanthropy and the non-profit sector. He participated in a roundtable discussion on the intersection of academia and foundations, whereby panelists concluded that the pandemic has changed this relationship, with the transparency of foundations being called into question and the prospective role of researchers in facilitating data collection and strategy planning. Furthermore, one must distinguish between studying philanthropy and researching philanthropic foundations, in other words, between the act of giving and the organisations that facilitate this act.

The event’s moderator was Dr Sevda Kilicap, Head of Research and Knowledge at Philea. Strachwitz’s fellow participants were Dr. Maja Spanu, Fondation de France; Dr. Rene Bekkers, Vrije Universiteit Amsterdam; Dr. Renato Roda, Fondazione Compagnia di San Paolo and Hilary Pearson, former President, Philanthropic Foundations Canada. The latter has published a summary of the event in Alliance magazine.

>> Read Strachwitz’s conference report here (DE)

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