C7 Communique – Civil Society Representation to the G7

13.05.2022 I

The C7 network has published its 2022 Communique in response to Germany’s G7 Presidency, calling upon the country to address global inequality.

Coordinated by the Association of German Development and Humanitarian Aid NGOs (VENRO) and the German NGO Forum on Environment and Development, the C7 respresents civil society members from around the world. As one of the official G7 engagement groups, the C7 conveys the positions of civil society to the forum, to influence policy-making.

In the Communique, the C7 divides its recommendations into various categories, in line with its Working Groups. It makes references to the Covid-19 pandemic, the Russian invasion of Ukraine and shrinking civic space as examples of why politicians must include the voices of civil society in their decision-making. According to the network, G7 countries represent 45% of global GDP, with the potential and responsiblity to „contribute to maintaining multilateralism and resist calls for a new „the West against the rest“ mentality.“

Regarding ‚Open Societies‘ and ‚Humanitarian Assistance and Conflict‘ respectively, policy recommendations include the creation of a Civic Space Task Force and increased funding for local actors. ‚Economic Justice and Transformation‘ is another prominent theme, with the C7 calling for leaders to tackle the global debt crisis and mobilise tax revenues to combat poverty. In terms of ‚Climate and Environmental Justice,‘ the G7 must promote an equitable fossil fuel phase-out and restore biodiversity, as requested by the network. ‚Global Health‘ is a further area of concern. The C7 recommends improved global access to medical treatment and pandemic preparedness.

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