Philanthropy, Endowments and Sustainable Social Development in Egypt

Maecenata Schriften |  Band 21 | 2022

What are the current philantropic practices in Egypt? What is the waqf system and how can it support innovation?

Marwa el Daly, Founder and Chairperson at Waqfeyat al Maadi Community Foundation (WMCF) in Egypt, aims to answer these questions in his new book. It is the first academic quantification of philantropic giving and volunteering that incorporates a representative sample of the Egyptian population. El Daly explores the impact of traditional and religious philantropic mechanisms and how the concept of waqf could revived in aid of sustainable social progress. 

After founding Egypt’s first community foundation in the 2000s, el Daly became an Assistant Professor at the American University in Cairo. There, she teaches courses about non-profit management, philantropy and social entrepreneurship.

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