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2nd of June 2021 | via European Civic Forum | During the fourth edition of the European Civic Academy, the ECF brought together leading academics and civic actors to discuss obstacles and ways forward for civic organisations and social movements in the current context, characterised by growing distrust in democracy and divisions inside our societies. Rupert Graf Strachwitz will contribute on the topic of european civil society during the breakout session.

>> here you´ll find the recorded livestream of the event [YouTube]

The European Civic Academy was launched by the European Civic Forum in 2016 to connect and build bridges between civil society and academic agendas, to provide space for civil society actors to discuss with academics and identify priorities and possibilities for collaborations related to the role of CSOs in enhancing civic and democratic spaces in Europe. The objectives of the European Civic Academy are three fold: (1) mapping civil society needs in terms of research priorities; (2) enable civic actors to gain knowledge about existing research, methodology and approaches to inspire a strengthening and a renewal action framework; (3) increase awareness among academic researchers about civil society needs and priorities and identify collaborative opportunities for future research.

Foursessions have been organised so far: in 2016 in La Rochelle (France); in 2017 in Brussels; in 2019 in Slubice (Poland) and finally in 2021, online. It allowed exchanges, but not yet the building of a strong linkage between the civic actors and the academic world. The editions to come shall benefit from the cooperation process that has developed between ECF,Civil Society Europe,Solidarand theCollegium Polonicum Foundation.


In the context described above, civil society has to tackle long-standing structural weaknesses as well as emerging challenges in order to put the common good at the centre of the political agenda. We propose for the 2021 edition three working topics to focus the discussion between civic actors and academics. To foster the reflection and build civil society capacities, we will invite leading academics and civic actors to showcase research findings and good practices.

BREAKOUT SESSION AT 15:50 until 17:10 with Rupert Graf Strachwitz and others

Workshop with Rupert Graf Strachwitz on Civil society at European level: a common notion and a contested space. What are the challenges to understanding civil society as a concept at European level? How to address the issues of its involvement in European policy making and a contested civic space?

See page 6 of the program linked below for more information

Working Paper

Key Take Aways – European Civic Academy (session 1 of 3)

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