Europe and the Mediterranean: Talking, Learning, Working, and Living Together 5

Europe Bottom-Up Nr. 19 | 27.04.2017 I Dr. Udo Steinbach I A Conference in Heraklion/Crete, Greece 24th to 27th April, 2017, Conference Papers (Part 3) 


By Rupert Graf Strachwitz

This is the 3rd and last volume of publications emanating from a conference held in Heraklion / Crete in April, 2017.1 It is also the 5th volume of a series of publications representing the findings of three conferences, held in 2013, 2015, and 2017 under the heading

Europe and the Mediterranean
Talking, Learning, Working, and Living Together

The Maecenata Foundation as the organizer of these conferences wishes to thank everybody who helped:

  • the Goelet Foundation, New York,
  • the Lazord Foundation, USA/France/Egypt,
  • the Mercator Foundation, Essen,
  • the Allianz Cultural Foundation, Berlin,
  • the Regional Government of Crete,
  • Villa Vigoni, the German-Italian Centre for European Excellence, Loveno di Menaggio,
  • the coorganizers, namely Professor Udo Steinbach of the Governance Center Middle East | North Africa of the Humboldt-Viadrina Governance Platform, Dr. Eleftherios Ikonomou of Arts Etc. Intercultural Dialogues, and Pierantonio Rumignani,
  • all presenters, session chairs, and contributors to the publications, and
  • all delegates who made the conferences so inspiring and memorable.

Over the years, it has become more and more evident that transcultural dialogues of this kind are essential to keep bridges open and lines of communication functioning in very troubled times. What we need to achieve is to prepare now for the moment when we can reconstruct the Mediterranean as a common memory and living space. We very much hope we can all stay involved in this venture together.

1. The conference report and two additional papers are published in: Costa Carras, Sarrah Kassem, Udo Steinbach: Europe and the Mediterranean – Talking, Learning, Working, and Living Together 3, EBU No. 17, Berlin: Maecenata Stiftung 2017,  Six additionl papers are published in: Polyxeni Adam-Veleni, Murat Çizakça, Vera Costantini, Umut Koldaş, Ferdinand Richard, Bernd Thum: Europe and the Mediterranean – Talking, Learning, Working, and Living Together 4, EBU No. 18, Berlin: Maecenata Stiftung 2017, A list of the conference delegates can be found on page 35 of this volume.

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