Extern: CSOs and Democracy in Europe – Advancing knowledge and recognition of CSOs’ contribution to society and democracy in Europe

14:00 Uhr - 17:00 Uhr

Webinar, in French and English with interpreters 

In 2022, the French Institute for Civil Society Organisations launched, in partnership with the Maecenata Foundation, the Institute for Social Research, and the Mouvement associatif, a working group on Civil Society Organisations in Europe. This working group brought together 40 researchers and practitioners with mixed expertise from 16 European countries to shed light on CSOs in Europe, on their contribution to society and democracy, and on their needs.

This working group was tasked with detecting European CSOs knowledge needs, drawing a state of the art, and issuing recommendations for a European research agenda on CSOs.

The results of this working group will be presented on April 14th in a webinar where Siri Hummel, Deputy Director of the Maecenata Institute will speak between others.

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This webinar is open to researchers, to CSOs practitioners and to their stakeholders, who are interested in:

  • Discovering what CSOs need in regard of knowledge gaps and access to existing knowledge
  • Learning about key issues to reflect upon their practice, their advocacy strategy and their environment
  • Hearing different – academic, political, hands on – takes on these topics
  • A research and knowledge agenda on CSOs in Europe
  • Joining a research and knowledge network on CSOs in Europe

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