Carnage and Triumph: American Democracy on the Spot

07th of January 2021 | via Open Society Foundations by Mark Malloch-Brown | A Statement towards the latest protests in the US by the President of Open Society …

Official Freedom House Statement: President Trump Must Leave Office Immediately

07th of January 2021 | via Freedom House | Official Statement by renownd Freedom House prompting President Trump to resign immediately after the last

Covid-19. Racism-20. And ???-21 The question marks allow only one response: World Civil Society-21. Why? | In the Corona crisis: a voice from civil society 14 | 19.06.2020

Besides the Coronavirus, another virus has recently become increasingly visible: the virus of racism, inequality and poverty, especially in The Americas. A …


Die gemeinnützige Aktiengesellschaft als akteurin der Zivilgesellschaft









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