Joanne Cave

Joanne Cave was the Senior Policy Analyst for Mowat NFP. She is now a Policy Lead at Canada’s Public Policy Forum (PPF). She is also currently completing a J.D. at the University of Alberta Faculty of Law.


  • Constrained or Enabled?

    Constrained or Enabled?

    Observatorium 38 | 15.01.2020 | The role of Canada’s civil society in participating in civic discourse has changed significantly throughout history. The reduction in advocacy funding largely eroded the sector’s role as a mediator in civic discourse, so that civil society organizations largely operate at the level of policy implementation rather than policy design.
  • Zivilgesellschaftspolitik in Japan

    Zivilgesellschaftspolitik in Japan

    Opusculum 37 | 01.12.2009 | Die Entwicklung der organisierten Zivilgesellschaft

Joanne Cave