Observatorium 60 – The situation of the non-profit sector in the context of the health crisis in France

11.04.2022 | How has the pandemic affected the French non-profit sector?


We are pleased to announce the publication of our latest Observatorium. Claire Breschard and Floriant Covelli have examined the effects of the COVID-19 pandemic on France’s non-profit sector. They note that the sector is currently facing a paradox, in that it recieves widespread recognition for the role it plays in supporting people through the pandemic, but that this pandemic has also severely impaired its finances and operational abilities.

Breschard and Covelli provide an overview of the response of France’s non-profits towards the pandemic, ranging from food redistribution to research. Furthermore, they evaluate the voluntary sector’s strengths and weaknesses, noting how it has evolved over the last two years and the support it requires to recover.

Claire Breschard is the Project and Policy Officer at the Institut français du Monde associatif in Lyon, France.

Floriant Covelli is the organisation’s  Executive Manager.