Observatorium 59: How can philanthropy build more bridges between the UK and Europe?

Observatorium 59 | 09.03.2022 | Contribution from Daniel Ferrell-Schweppenstedde

In our new Observatorium publication, Daniel Ferrell-Schweppenstedde assesses how European philantropy can help to repair UK-EU relations post-Brexit.

Ferrell-Schweppenstedde argues that the UK’s decision to leave the European Union represents a challenge for civil society organisations,but may also provide an opportunity for intra-European cooperation. In spite of Brexit, the UK remains a European political and economic powerhouse, and there remain ample chances for cross-border collaboration between the UK and the EU27.

In particular, Ferrell-Schweppenstedde focuses on the withdrawal from EU funding and exchange programmes for civil society.

He believes that applying a European lens to philantropic projects and working collaboratively to plug the gaps created by Brexit can help institutions across the continent to enhance their cultural ties and translate into economic benefits.

Daniel Ferrell-Schweppenstedde is a Policy Manager in Communications at the Charities Aid Foundation, London. He has previously worked as a Policy and Public Affairs Manager at the Directory of Social Change, as an Analyst for RAND Europe and as a Junior Researcher for the Mercator Foundation and the German Society for International Cooperation.