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Team memberField of activityEmailPhotoProfile link
Dr. phil. Rupert Graf Strachwitz,

Member of the Board of the Maecenata Foundation,
Senior Strategic Advisor
Maecenata Foundation,
Maecenata Institute
rs@maecenata.euRupert StrachwitzView their profile
Ansgar Gessner

CEO of the Maecenata Foundation,
Head of the Tocqueville Forum
Maecenata Foundationag@maecenata.euView their profile
Dr. Siri Hummel,

Director of the Maecenata Institute
Maecenata Institutesh@maecenata.euSiri HummelView their profile
Dr. sc. Eckhard Priller,

Programme Coordinator at the Maecenata Foundation and Tocqueville Forum
Maecenata Instituteep@maecenata.euEckhard PrillerView their profile
Marie-Christine Schwager-Duhse,

Manager, Director of the Transnational Giving Programme
Maecenata Foundation,
Transnational Giving
mcs@maecenata.euMarie-Christine Schwager-DuhseView their profile
Prof. Dr. Udo Steinbach,

Head of the MENA Study Centre
MENA Study Centreus@maecenata.euUdo SteinbachView their profile
Ilka Kleinod,

Maecenata Librarian
Maecenata Libraryik@maecenata.euView their profile
Lisa Klisch,

Head of Communications and Press Outreach
Tocqueville Forum
lik@maecenata.euLisa KlischView their profile
Christina Kümper,

Assistant to the Leadership Team and to the Transnational Giving Programme
Transnational Givingck@maecenata.euView their profile
Stephanie Böckermann,

Transnational Giving Europe
Transnational Givingsb@maecenata.euStephanie BöckermannView their profile
Laura Pfirter,

Research Associate and Fellow
Maecenata Institutelp@maecenata.euLaura PfirterView their profile
Finn Büttner,

Research Associate
Maecenata Institutefb@maecenata.euFinn BüttnerView their profile
Hagen Troschke,

Research Associate
Tocqueville Forumht@maecenata.euHagen TroschkeView their profile
John McManus,

Visiting Fellow
jm@maecenata.euJohn McManusView their profile
Florian Faltenbacher,

Student Assistant
Maecenata Instituteff@maecenata.euFlorian FaltenbacherView their profile
Janek Toco Oellers,

Student Assistant
Maecenata Institutejo@maecenata.euFlorian FaltenbacherView their profile
Kira Bönisch,

Student Assistant
Tocqueville Forum
kb@maecenata.euView their profile
Philip Pankow,

Student Assistant
Transnational Givingpp@maecenata.euPhilip PankowView their profile
Robin H. Ingold,

Student Assistant
Transnational Givingri@maecenata.euRobin H. IngoldView their profile