The Team

General contact:

Team memberField of activityEmailPhotoProfile link
Dr. Rolf Alter,
Head of the Philanthropy.Insight Project
Philanthropy.Insightra@maecenata.euRolf AlterView their profile
Finn Büttner,
Student Assistant
Transnational Givingfb@maecenata.euFinn BüttnerView their profile
Luisa Bonin,
Guest Researcher/ German Chancellor Fellow
Maecenatalb@maecenata.euView their profile
Lara Brett,
Student Assistant
Kommunikationlab@maecenata.euLara BrettView their profile
Elisa Spreter,
Student Assistant
Maecenata Institutes@maecenata.euElisa SpreterView their profile
Philip Pankow,
Student Assistant
Transnational Givingpp@maecenata.euPhilip PankowView their profile
Marianne Sievers,
Head of Communications and Press Outreach
Kommunikationmas@maecenata.euMarianne SieversView their profile
Marie-Catherine v. Heereman,
Jurist, Legal Advisor and Compliance Agent at the Maecenata Foundation
Transnational Givingmh@maecenata.euMarie-Catherine v. HeeremanView their profile
Dr. Siri Hummel,
Deputy Director of the Maecenata Institute
Maecenata Institutsh@maecenata.euSiri HummelView their profile
Ilka Kleinod,
Maecenata Librarian
Maecenata Bibliothekik@maecenata.euView their profile
Christina Kümper,
Assistant to the Leadership Team and to the Transnational Giving Programme
Transnational Givingck@maecenata.euView their profile
Dr. sc. Eckhard Priller,
Programme Coordinator at the Maecenata Foundation and Tocqueville Forum
Maecenata Institutep@maecenata.euEckhard PrillerView their profile
Malte Schrader,
Research Associate
Maecenata Institut ms@maecenata.euMalte SchraderView their profile
Marie-Christine Schwager,
Manager, Director of the Transnational Giving Programme
Maecenata Stiftung, Transnational Givingmcs@maecenata.euChristian SchreierView their profile
Prof. Dr. Udo Steinbach,
Head of the MENA Study Centre
MENA Study Centreus@maecenata.euUdo SteinbachView their profile
Dr. phil. Rupert Graf Strachwitz,
Member of the Maecenata Foundation's Board,
Director of the Maecenata Institute
Maecenata Stiftung,
Maecenata Institut
rs@maecenata.euRupert StrachwitzView their profile