Eckhard Priller

Dr. sc. Eckhard Priller is an economist and sociologist. His areas of research are predominantly social reporting, the third sector, civil society, civil engagement and donations. He led several larger empirical studies and analyses on these topics. The execution of a series of third-party projects was sponsored by foundations, associations and ministries. The results have appeared in numerous academic books and articles. He led the project group for civil engagement at the Social Science Research Center Berlin until 2014. Since then, he has been the Academic Coordinator at the Maecenata Foundation.

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Current research projects:

  • Accompanying research for the implementation of projects and initiatives within the framework of ‘Rotary for Ukraine >> Find out more here (DE)

Dr. Eckhard Priller’s areas of expertise:

  • Civil society
  • Civil society and donations
  • The third sector and nonprofit organisations
  • Social reporting
Eckhard Priller

Dr. sc. Eckhard Priller

Academic Coordinator at the Maecenata Institute