Transnational Giving

Transnational Giving (TG), a programme of the Maecenata Foundation, aims to strengthen civil society and promote solidarity across borders. The TG programme makes cross-border donations easy and transparent. Donations from abroad are forwarded to the earmarked organisation in Germany. In the same way, donations from Germany are passed on to the desired non-profit organisation abroad. TG ensures the non-profit status/status of common good of the respective organisation in order to enable tax-deductible donating.

The Transnational Giving Programme’s main areas of focus


1.) Donations to other countries 
German donors can claim their donations through Transnational Giving for tax purposes.


2.) Donations from abroad
Transnational Giving supports German organisations in processing donations from abroad.

Other Projects

Donor Advised Funds
As part of a Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) strategy, companies implement a Donor Advised Fund (DAF), in which they invest funds in order to make specific suggestions of its usage.

In joint consultation with the company and Transnational Giving, organisations and projects are selected, examined and funded from the means of the DAF by mutual agreement. The will of the donor is guaranteed by their right of proposal and the foundation’s freedom of action is guaranteed by a right of veto.

Many years of experience and the continuously improved due diligence procedures make it easier for donors to meet the requirements for secure and transparent donation activities, while allowing them to concentrate fully on the substantive impact of the projects. Within the framework of the sponsorship of the DAF the necessary administrative tasks are completely taken over.

European Supporters Programme
Since 2019, the Transnational Giving Programme has enabled organisations based outside of Europe to actively raise donations for their projects via the Transnational Giving Europe (TGE) network.

The ‘European Supporters Programme’ (ESuP) was designed for this purpose. After an organisation has passed the complete acceptance process and has been accredited as a recipient organisation in the TG programme, it can commission the Maecenata Foundation to accept donations from partner organisations in the TGE network.

On the one hand, international organisations can mobilise donors across Europe. On the other hand, international organisations can offer their supporters an uncomplicated and secure way to donate without having to set up an elaborate organisational structure.

General Information on the Transnational Giving Programme

Examples of projects supported by the programme

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