The electronic publications series includes smaller research papers, studies and conference reports, among other publications.

The Opuscula series has been published by the Maecenata Institute since 2000. It publishes smaller studies and research papers as well as work reports from Institute projects. The registration of this series, which is published in electronic form under the ISSN 1868-1840, as well as the allocation of individual identifiers (URNs) by the German National Library ensure the ability to cite the text in full. Cooperation with the Social Science Open Access Repository (SSOAR) project ensures permanent availability of all issues with a fixed URL address. All editions are available to the public as free downloads and are protected by copyright under the Creative Commons (CC BY-NC-ND 3.0 DE) licence.

The series includes interdisciplinary works of around 20-100 pages on the subject of civil society, civic engagement, non-profit, third sector, philanthropy and foundations. Publications are in German and English, and also in other languages in exceptional cases.

Lecture transcripts, working results and interim results, smaller studies and conference reports can be included in the series as well as student term papers. It is possible to publish several articles in one issue.

Publishing is free. Manuscripts should be preformatted by the authors (>> Author Guidelines). Hardcover copies can be ordered by authors or interested parties at cost price.

Submitted manuscripts are reviewed and approved by Maecenata Institute staff. In exceptional cases, they consult external experts. After the submission of the final manuscript and clarification of any relevant questions, the Opusculum can be quickly finalised.

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