Maecenata Schriften

The Maecenata Schriften is an interdisciplinary academic book series that focuses on civil society research. It is published by Siri Hummel, Eckhard Priller and Rupert Graf Strachwitz. From 2007 until 2015 it was published by Lucius & Lucius, Stuttgart; since 2016 the series has been published by Verlag De Gruyter, Berlin.

To be considered for publication in the series, manuscripts must be on the topic of civil society, civic engagement, non-profit status, the third sector, philanthropy or foundations. A direct reference from the Maecenata Institute is not required; on the contrary, the series is open to all authors. Publication is possible in English and German.

Dissertations can also be published in the series, and studies, results from research projects, conference transcripts or expert opinions, monographs as well as anthologies.

Printing subsidies are normally required for publication. Grant donors can be named on the cover and a logo can be printed on the inside cover.

Manuscripts can be submitted at any time. For dissertations, alongside agreement from the publisher, the work’s assessor must also agree to the inclusion of the work in the Maecenata Schriften series.  The publisher reserves the right to consult external opinions.

After the (final) manuscript has been submitted to the publisher, the book is immediately printed. It is not necessary to wait for a yearly programme.

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