Donations to other countries

German donors can claim their donations through Transnational Giving for tax purposes.

The Maecenata Foundation takes care of:

  • The complete handling of the donation process
  • The contingent reporting obligations (e.g. reports in foreign trade)
  • Reviewing recipients abroad
  • Transferring donations to the foreign recipient
  • Monitoring the use of funds
  • Issuing the donation receipt for the donor

The procedure is coordinated with the German tax authorities and applies to almost all countries in the world.

We are the German partner in the European foundation network ‘Transnational Giving Europe,’ in which we closely coordinate the auditing of national and international organisations and the processing of donations with our non-profit partners within Europe.

We can also forward donations to non-profit organisations outside the European network. Those responsible for the organisation must register with us at: The inspection and reporting obligations are carried out by the Maecenata Foundation.


In order to cover administrational costs and to further develop the network, a Free Donation Share is retained from donations within Transnational Giving.

The Free Donation Share is calculated according to five categories:

Category Donation amount Free Donation Share      (FDS) Total FDS    (max.)
1 < 100.000 EUR 5 % (max. 5.000 EUR) 5.000 EUR
2 100.000 EUR – 250.000 EUR 3 % (max. 4.500 EUR) 9.500 EUR
3 250.000 EUR – 500.000 EUR 2 % (max. 5.000 EUR) 14.500 EUR
4 500.000 EUR – 2.000.000 EUR 1 % (max. 15.000 EUR) 29.500 EUR
5 > 2.000.000 EUR The FDS is arrangend on an individual basis X

Donation receipts are issued for the total donation amount.

The same categories for the Free Donation Share – as illustrated in the table above – applie to the Transnational Giving Network Europe as well as the Transnational Giving Network Worlwide.

In the Transnational Giving Network Europe, the distribution of the Free Donation Share is as follows: 1/5 flows into the network as such and 2/5 remains with each of the country partners involved in the transaction.

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  • The Disbursement Policy
  • The issuing of Tax Receipts

Further information about the European donation transfer can also be found at: