Funds and projects for Ukraine


The following list contains all the relief funds and projects for Ukraine that you can donate to through the Maecenata Foundation.

All six relief funds are overseen by our partner organisations in the Transnational Giving Network. These partners are recognised non-profit organisations in their own countries in each case and are active in the area of cross-bording philanthropy.

If you have further questions, please contact us at

There is up-to-date information for organisations on the website of the Federal Ministry of Finance (in German)(As of 17.03.2022).

Name of ProjectCountryWebsiteDonate directl online
Emergency Fund for UkrainiansPolandWebseitejetzt spenden!
Emergency Fund for Ukrainians SlovakiaWebseitejetzt spenden!
Ednannia-Hilfsfonds der Stiftung Aktive BürgerschaftUkraineWebseitejetzt spenden!
Rescue & Recover Fund, Fonds Urgence & DéveloppementFranceWebseitejetzt spenden!
Solidarity with the Ukrainian People, FdFFranceWebseitejetzt spenden!
WHO Foundation Ukraine Emergency SupportSchwitzerlandWebseitejetzt spenden!