Donations from abroad

The TG-Programme supports German non-profit organisations in the acquisition of donations from other European countries.

German non-profit organisations can register in the TGE network as recipient partners in order to make it easier for their donors from other European countries to donate.

Transnational Giving (TG)

  •     Informs the organisation about the requirements
  •     Provides registration forms
  •     Sends the registration to the network partner

The TGE-Network has established itself as a suitable instrument for international donation campaigns.

For this purpose, it created a new online portal in 2020, through which organisations can manage their profiles, submit applications, renew their documents regularly and announce changes.

Are you responsible for a charity organisation and would you like to give your European donors an easy way to make a tax-deductible donation?

>> Information on the registration process


To cover the expenditures and to further develop the network, part of the donation is retained as a free donation share: 5% of the first 100,000 EUR, then 1% up to a maximum of 50,000 EUR per donation (as of December 2020). Of this, the TGE network receives 1/5 and the two country partners involved each receive 2/5.

In the case of payments outside the SEPA area, any bank charges will be deducted from the donation. (For transfers to countries outside the euro area, different fees apply depending on the recipient bank.)

Donation receipts are issued for the full donation amount.


Marie-Christine Schwager-Duhse und Team

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