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New rule of law report from the European Commission

16.09. 2022 | The European Commission publishes its rule of law recommendations for Member States, including reforms to laws that affect civil society …

The Rockefeller Foundation publishes new reports on global philanthropy

12.09.2022 | Two new reports offer an insight into the current trends and archetypes in global philanthropy Rockefeller Philanthropy Advisors, a member of the …

European Commission consultation on the right to associate

30 August 2022 | The EU wants to modify its legislation for associations’ cross-border work >> Find out more about the initiative and share your …

Recommendations for the organisors of the Conference over the Future of Europe (CoFoE)

29 July 2022 | “A vibrant and independent civil society, in an open civic space, is vital for a healthy democracy, strong social justice, and

Falling Walls: Can Civil Society rock global North-South divisions? What are its Resources, Agents and Limits?

Opusculum 164 | 20.06.2022 | Wolfgang Goede | Invisible walls, cemented by historic inequity, must

Think7 Summit Communique

14. Juni 2022 | Think7 Summit Communique by Rupert Graf Strachwitz: Some Comments with regard to the role of Civil Society >> Download full version …

Doing Environment and Nature Protection Differently: How Foundations Differ in Their Work on Environmental Issues in Germany and the United States

Opusculum 78 | 02.11.2014 | How Foundations from the US and Germany differntiate in theri work in terms of envrionmental

Civil Society in the ‘Visegrád Four’

Opusculum 74 | 01.07.2014 | Data and Literature in the Czech Republic, Hungary, Poland and