The Rockefeller Foundation publishes new reports on global philanthropy

12.09.2022 | Two new reports offer an insight into the current trends and archetypes in global philanthropy

Rockefeller Philanthropy Advisors, a member of the Rockefeller Foundation, has released two publications on international philanthropy. ‘Global Trends and Strategic Time Horizons 2022‘ presents up-to-date information on foundations around the world, whereas ‘Operating Archetypes: Philanthropy’s New Tool for Strategic Clarity‘ endeavours to help funders develop more effective ways of giving. The report’s archetype examples expands the American view of the world of philanthropy, which is usually limited to charitable foundations. However, it omits categorisations that are important for the European and Muslim spheres, namely the so-called ‘institution foundation,’ which may operate a hospital, and the ‘owner foundation,’ whose sole purpose is to preserve a foundation’s assets from sale and external use, such as a church. Nevertheless, both publications provide a good basis for further research, discussions and reflections.


The former publication received responses from 150 philanthropists from 30 different countries, of which a third had had to change their spending patterns in response to the Covid-19 pandemic. The latter publication is a new framework “designed to support more thoughtful and effective philanthropy by helping funders better understand and articulate their distinct position in the philanthropy ecosystem,” according to its authors. 


It follows on from ‘The Philanthropy Framework’, published by the RPA in 2019. The archetypes that it introduces resulted from the input of dozens of global partners in the RPA’s multi-year Theory of the Foundation® initiative. This scheme aims to support the effective alignment of philanthropy’s resources and impact. 

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