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Summary of webinar on EU anti-money loundering & CTF policies

13.07.2023 I Philea and Civil Society Europe publish summary of their discussion “Philea and Civil Society Europe recently hosted a webinar to discuss …

Contested Civic Spaces: A European Perspective

Maecenata Schriften |  Band 22 | 2023 For some years, we have observed a broad public discussion over the shrinking civic space. While the focus

Call for Applications: Scholarships for PhD Candidates in Peace & Conflict Resolution

07.07.2023 I European Wasatia Graduate School for Peace and Conflict Resolution offers 10 scholarships Our foundation’s MENA Study Centre, lead by Dr. Udo …

China’s Belt and Road Initiative and its Impact on Human Rights Compliance: Report on a workshop held in Berlin on 16 May 2022

Europe Bottom Up Nr. 28 | 23.09.2022 I Viktoria Kaffanke and Dr. Udo Steinbach I This report was written and published following the workshop organised …

Event summary: ‘CSOs and democracy in Europe – Advancing knowledge and recognition of CSOs’ contribution to society and democracy in Europe’

17.04.2023 I Academics, researchers and other civil society stakeholders discuss the sector's connection to European

UN publishes Study on the Impact of Counter-Terrorism on Civil Society & Civic Space

26.06.2023 I “Societies where civil society is absent, afraid, cowed, and unable to emerge are societies made weaker, less participatory, and vulnerable …

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