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Support for organisations working on the ground in Turkey and Syria

22.02.2023 | Transnational Giving accredits the independent Turkish organisation Support to Life as a partner in

Where does German Humanitarian Assistance stand? Wo steht die deutsche humanitäre Hilfe?

Opusculum 129 | 01.05.2019 | Where does German Humanitarian Assistance stand? Ralf Südhoff and Sonja Hövelmann on the stand of german humanitarian

Based on need alone? Impartiality in humanitarian action

Opusculum 121 | 05.10.2018 | This collection of texts that examines how the core humanitarian principle of impartiality is dealt with in theory and in …

Rupert Strachwitz

Dr. Rupert Graf Strachwitz
Director of the Maecenata Institute
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