Civil Society

OP 160: What is Civil Society? A Primer

Opusculum 160 I 03.01.2022 I Rupert G. Strachwitz | Unser Basiswissen Zivilgesellschaft gibt es jetzt auch auf

Are Foundations Hijacking Philanthropy? Why Philanthropy is about more than Donors and Foundations.

Observatorium 56 | 13.10.2021 | Rupert Graf Strachwitz is writing about how the idea of philanthropy has changed and which of its characteristic aspects have …

COVID-19 and the ‘business of bordering’: The rise of citizen detectives and state implemented borderwork-practices | In the Corona crisis: a voice from civil society 17 | 17.07.2020

The corona virus outbreak induced awave of fear in citizens world-wide, causing them to increasingly want to protect what’s theirs. This gave way to a …

Corona: A virus shaking the world, reshaping tomorrow A View from Morocco | In the Corona crisis: a voice from civil society 12 | 12.06.2020

This biological disaster might be a chance for autocratic regimes to reconsider their politics and instead of wasting their budgets on disciplining and …

Tandems of lay experts and academic experts – How new civil societal collaboration models enhance societal transformation

Opusculum 136 | 01.06.2020 | Wolfgang Chr. Goede on how new civil societal collaboration models can enhance societal

Colombia’s Negative Peace – A Challenge for Civil Society? A Dossier on the Struggle of the Global South with its Heritage and Post-Modernization

Opusculum 130 | 01.02.2020 | This dossier is about Colombia’s current status of the peace contract, what has been accomplished, and what remains to be done; …

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