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Good luck, Brits! A message from Germany

Britain will need time to reflect on what has happened – to adjust to the many changes brought about by Brexit, and to prepare for all the challenges that …

Colombia’s Negative Peace – A Challenge for Civil Society? A Dossier on the Struggle of the Global South with its Heritage and Post-Modernization

Opusculum 130 | 01.02.2020 | This dossier is about Colombia’s current status of the peace contract, what has been accomplished, and what remains to be done; …

Feminist Philanthropy

More funding for ‘women and girls’ is necessary but not sufficient. What philanthropy really needs is a feminist consciousness – a vision which places …

Where does German Humanitarian Assistance stand? Wo steht die deutsche humanitäre Hilfe?

Opusculum 129 | 01.05.2019 | Where does German Humanitarian Assistance stand? Ralf Südhoff and Sonja Hövelmann on the stand of german humanitarian

The Shrinking Space of Civil Society: a Report on Trends, Responses, and the Role of Donors

Opusculum 128 | 01.04.2010 | Civil society is one of the main arenas of the democratization. However, in recent years the political space of civil society has …

Based on need alone? Impartiality in humanitarian action

Opusculum 121 | 05.10.2018 | This collection of texts that examines how the core humanitarian principle of impartiality is dealt with in theory and in …

The Role of Foundations in German Higher Education

Opusculum 85 | 01.08.2015 | A Case Study on the Influence of Foundations on Teaching at Universities    Executive Summary The need for a change in

Overbearing State and Stubborn Civil Society?

Opusculum 82 | 01.05.2015 | German International Volunteer Service Programmes between Subsidiarity and

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