Support funds and projects for Turkey and Syria 


The Maecenata Foundation is involved in helping citizens in Syria and Turkey who have been severely affected by the earthquake. As part of its Transnational Giving Programme (TG) it accepts earmarked donations for accredited recipient organisations abroad, forwards the donations and provides German donors with tax-deductible donation receipts.

The accreditation of Turkish organisations presents particular challenges for the Foundation, because it is often unclear whether they are government agencies or civil society organisations and whether they operate independently from political directives from the Turkish government. The Foundation has now accredited the independent Turkish organisation Support to Life as a direct partner organisation. Donations transferred to the Foundation with the reference ‘Turkey’ and without recipient information will be forwarded to Support to Life. Furthermore, donations can be directly made to Support for Life via our online form. Aditionally, the Foundation can forward donations for Turkey to the following organisations working on the ground

ProjektnameLandWebseiteDirekt online spenden!
World Food Programme (WFP) der Vereinten NationenUNWebseitejetzt spenden!
World Health Organization (WHO)SchweizWebseitejetzt spenden!
Support to LifeTürkeiWebseitejetzt spenden!
Fonds Urgence & DéveloppementFrankreichWebseitejetzt spenden!
Kinderhilfswerk NoahSchweizWebseitejetzt spenden!
MSC FoundationSchweizWebseitejetzt spenden!

Donations to organisations in Syria are hardly possible (see here). Donations can be forwarded to a Turkish organisation, UOSSM, which works in the Syrian regions of Aleppo and Idlib, among others, through our French TGE partner organisation.

Central donation account for all named recipients: 

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