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European Commission consultation on the right to associate

30.08.2022 | The EU wants to modify its legislation for associations’ cross-border work >> Find out more about the initiative and share your views …

Press release: On the State and General Condition of Civil Society in Germany

Berlin | 10.08.2022 | English Translation of Opusculum 159 Public awareness for civil society is mushrooming in Germany as everywhere. When the new federal …

Recommendations for the organisors of the Conference over the Future of Europe (CoFoE)

29 July 2022 | “A vibrant and independent civil society, in an open civic space, is vital for a healthy democracy, strong social justice, and

European civil society in the public sphere: an update

01.08.2022 I A roundtable at this year’s ISTR conference outlined the current civil society landscape in Europe and the challenges facing the sphere Dr. …

Rupert Strachwitz

Dr. Rupert Graf Strachwitz
Director of the Maecenata Institute
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