Launch of the fourth Atlas der Zivilgesellschaft 2021

Thursday, 04. May 2021, 16:00 h – 17:30 h | via Brot für die Welt and CIVICUS | Under the heading “Freedoms under Pressure”, Brot für die Welt and CIVICUS will present important analyses and results of the Atlas der Zivilgesellschaft 2021. The publication once again shows the dramatic restrictions that civil society organisations and activists in many countries around the world experience when they campaign for causes such as human rights, transparency, environmental protection or peace. The thematic focus this year is the Corona pandemic and the impact of pandemic measures on civil society space worldwide.

Since the beginning of 2020, around the world governments have been using the pandemic as an opportunity to further restrict civil society spaces of action. Instead of focusing on dialogue and information in the Covid19 crisis, they took advantage of the pandemic as a pretext to restrict political and civil rights. With reference to the state of emergency, there are numerous violations of the right to freedom of expression and freedom of the press: journalists and activists are punished or arrested for disseminating information about Covid and measures against the pandemic. Freedom of assembly is completely suspended in several countries. Demonstrators are met with brutal police violence and civil society is excluded from participatory processes. In some regions of the world, surveillance systems are being expanded, massively violating data protection and personal rights. Despite the restrictions, repression and financial hardship, civil society organisations and initiatives have found new ways to support those in need and to give them a voice.

At the event, together with CIVICUS, partners from El Salvador, Zimbabwe and Cambodia and the Federal Foreign Office, we will take a look at these global challenges for civil society


Welcome by
Dr. Dagmar Pruin, President of Brot für die Welt
Presentation of the most important results of the atlas
Christine Meissler, Policy Advisor for Civic Space, Brot für die Welt
Interview with
Marianna Belalba Barreto, Head of the Civic Space Research Cluster, CIVICUS
Video clip
Morena Herrera, Coordinator at the Asociación Colectiva de Mujeres para el Desarrollo Local, El Salvador
Panel discussion with
Naly Pilorge, Director of the Cambodian human rights organisation LICADHO
Dr. Kenneth Mtata, General Secretary of the Zimbabwe Council of Churches
Dr. Wiebke Rückert, Head of the Department for Human Rights and Gender at the German Foreign Office Facilitators
Silke Pfeiffer, Head of the Department for Human Rights and Peace, Brot für die Welt
Kai Schächtele, Journalist and co-author of the Atlas der Zivilgesellschaft 2021

The fourth edition of the Atlas der Zivilgesellschaft is published by oekom-Verlag Munich. It will also be available for free download on the website of Bread for the World from 4 May 2021.

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